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Porter's Lock & Alarm home security systems include a touchscreen keypad professionally installed in your home. Traditionally, touchscreen control panels are located by the front door or garage. For additional convenience and safety, additional keypads can be placed in crucial locations in case of a false alarm or an emergency.

Allows you to easily arm and disarm your system.
Adjust settings such as optional time delays, motion sensitivity adjustments, etc.
Includes a Duress Mode, which sends an immediate emergency alert.
Connects your home to Porter's Lock & Alarm’s 24-hour Dispatch Center.


One of the best ways to protect your home is with door and window sensors. This perimeter protection technology detects when doors and windows are being opened, and includes entry chimes to notify you when people are coming and going when you’re home.

Immediate notification when a door or window opens or closes.
Compact, magnetically triggered alarm sounds when door or window is opened.
Includes entry chime setting when you are home and alarm is disarmed.


These sensors detect the unique frequency of breaking glass from inside your home. Unlike door and window sensors that are triggered by movement, glass break sensors are activated specifically by sound.

Alarm sounds when glass is tampered with or broken.
Effective for patio and sliding doors and homes with multiple windows.
Ideal for interior protection of the homes perimeter.


Monitor movement within and around your home with the ultimate perimeter protection. Our motion detectors also include settings to adjust movement sensitivity, which is ideal for households with pets.

Immediate notification when movement is detected.
Instant and delayed alarm settings.
Effectively protect restricted areas, large rooms and common areas, as well as windows.


With our sensitive water leak detectors you will receive a security alert when there is an increase in moisture from a broken or leaking pipe. And with our temperature monitors and sensors you will get notification when there is danger of pipes, valves, tubing and hoses breaking. Avoid costly repairs from frozen pipes and sump pump failures with the best in flood protection.

Immediate notification with a loud alarm when moisture is detected
Connects your home to Porter's Lock &  Alarm’s 24-hour monitoring and dispatch center. We offer a variety of detectors and detection cables including options to mount to walls or lay on a flat surface. Ideal for areas around sump pump pit, air conditioner drain tubes, washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators