Testing Your System

When Porter's Lock & Alarm installed your alarm system, or if we converted your monitoring from a previous service provider, we tested all of your system components at that time to insure they were properly communicating to the central station facility.

Phone line failures, lightning or power surges, or a change in phone service (adding DSL or Internet Protocol service) may cause your normally reliable security system to become incapable of doing its job.

Porter's Lock & Alarm encourages all of our customers to test their systems monthly to ensure their system is ready in case of an emergency.

Here’s how to test your system:

1: Call the Central Station at 1-800-333-1771 to put your system on test or they will dispatch when your alarm is activated. They will ask for either your Account number or Password.

2: Set system like you are leaving the house. Wait a few minutes to allow delay on door to time out.

3: Activate alarm. Walk through the house and try to set the alarm off by opening doors and windows with contacts on them and walk in front of the motion detector.

4: Allow alarm to sound for at least 10 seconds before turning off.

5: Call the central station back and make sure they received signals from your system. If they report no signals, please call us for service right away, there is something that isn’t working properly.

Please test your system today!